About me

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  My hope is that it gives you a quick overview of what I'm about, and also gives me central place to share my thoughts and ideas online.

Below is a brief summary of my work, and some of my other interests.

It's a new site, so I am aiming to add more blog content over the coming months.

10 things that I like:
(aside from my other half of course!)

Tech, helping, music, piano, sailing, dogs, swimming, pilates, badminton, photography.

Semantic (2008 - Present)

I have been helping clients with the team at Semantic for over 10 years. Semantic is a web agency based near Southampton (UK) with 7 employees, and long-term clients which include theme parks, attractions and publishers.

It was 2006 when I first started chatting to Nick, the MD at the time, whilst teaching myself the fundamentals of web design... He patiently responded to the emails I sent which highlighted various geeky issues on the theme park sites the guys were building at the time (I'm a bit of a coaster fan!).  I guess my emails appealed to Nick, or I just wore him down gradually... either way, I was invited to try helping the team with day-to-day updates.

The initial trial went well, and my full time roll began early in 2008.  My first few years were spent helping clients on the frontline with Chris, until some changes meant that I was given the chance to lead the Ninja team.

During the second half of my time at Semantic, I have been developing and improving more of my business-focused skills, including project management, planning, analytics, strategy and development.

In 2016 I took over from Nick as Managing Director.  I am excited to grow the business so that we can do even more great work for great clients!

The Semantic Team in London

Here are some of my latest projects... there are more details on LinkedIn.


Swimming teaching (2002 - 2010)

I really enjoyed teaching adults and children to swim.  I qualified as a level 1 assistant swimming teacher when I was only 16, the youngest possible, before taking the full level 2 course as soon as I could at 18.  

Looking back, I think swimming teaching really helped to shape my attitude and skills as it enabled me to develop in many ways:

  • Confidence and communication
    (both with the pupils, but also with the parents to explain why it wasn't quite right to let their child loose in the deep end yet!)
  • Planning and organisation
    (in terms of lesson planning, and efficient assessments of the pupils)
  • Efficiency and relationships
    I was always keen to improve processes to make them as effective as possible (e.g. making assessment sheets and email addresses)

I still keep up with swimming teaching, but in a voluntary capacity at the local disabled swimming club.


Other interests

My other interests tend to revolve around music, water or volunteering!

  • Swimming - handy for a swimming teacher 🙂
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Playing the piano
  • Music... of all kinds!
  • Books, mainly audiobooks
  • Photography and travel
  • Guide Dogs training (my wife and I are volunteer boarders)

I'm always open to fresh experiences, and love to travel and meet new people.

That's it for now, why not take a look at my latest blog posts?