About me

Hello there, I’m Neil – thanks for visiting my site.

My passions are technology, helping people and embracing adventure. This ties into my mission – to live honestly, help others and make the most of the opportunity.

It’s important to me to do this in all aspects of my life, whether at home with the family, at work, or volunteering in the community. I find this helps me stay authentic, upbeat and allows me to approach challenges with energy and open-mindedness.

I’m part of the team at Semantic, a leading digital agency for attractions in the UK.

Semantic was founded in 1997, and I joined in 2008, so it’s been a big part of my life.

I was lucky to work my way up, under the guidance of Nick Warren, the previous owner and still a great friend of mine. His support combined with my constant desire to take on more responsibilities helped me become Managing Director in March 2016.

Whilst on the surface it seems that Semantic develops websites, it’s actually all about developing people. I worked hard to buy the business in 2018, aiming make the most of the opportunity, keep the team happy and deliver awesome results for our clients.

Since buying the business, we’ve weathered the pandemic, and are constantly adapting what we offer to clients. We’ve done lots of business development work and are in the process of transforming what we can do for leisure, tourism and attractions clients. It’s fun and dynamic sector that we’ve been working in for over 20 years.

In 2023, we launched our new LOOP platform for attractions. It’s a fast, optimised solution to help get new attractions online quickly, or level up the online capabilities of existing attractions.

We’re now focused on broadening out our business offering and scaling beyond the UK.

My Thirties

In my twenties, I was fast and impatient – for instance, I used to power through as many audiobooks as possible to try and hoover up all of the knowledge.

Now, I have developed better processes to think things through in more detail, and to be mindful of goals and desired results. Some of the stand-out lessons that have really stuck in my mind over the past few years are highlighted in this blog post.

Coming to the end of my thirties, it’s made me much more focused on my overall vision, the fact that anything’s possible, and having the chance to define my own path in life…

Get in touch

I’m always keen to meet interesting people, whether that’s as part of my work, or just in the community. Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to arrange a chat:

Otherwise feel free to reach out to me and the team at Semantic.

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