Think you can’t draw?

Here’s a fantastic TED Talk that I’ve just finished watching, and I recommend it for anyone that has a message to communicate…

The presenter is Graham Shaw (MD of Vision Learning), and he’s an expert on the art of communication, in fact he has a book all about it.

It’s a great read already – even chapter 1 has a great key insight do with how the brain perceives images v.s. text.  Graham makes the point that text on Powerpoint presentations is basically the same visually, between different slides, and your viewers’ brains have a hard time recalling the details on each.  Therefore, to make a talk more memorable, you need to use vivid imagery.  The human brain is wired to recognise images much more effectively, so being able to draw, even at a basic level, could really help improve your business communication.

The message in the talk is simple, yet powerful, and I encourage you to take a look, and follow along.

Spoiler alert – anyone can draw.


P.S. Here’s my version of Spike…

Evernote Snapshot 20160208 212243


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