A new home for my blog

For 2016, I wanted to refocus my personal blog to serve as more of an archive of useful thoughts or things I have found.

The motivations are mostly selfish – I’m constantly reading great things online or in books and coming up with ideas, so I wanted somewhere to put them all.  Evernote has worked well to a point, but since I use that for everything, the key insights and nuggets tend to get buried away amongst the day-to-day clutter.

So this year, I’m ditching the Tumblr blog, and bringing it in house, on NeilLewin.com.

I’m hoping to build up a library of useful insights, thoughts, ideas and more.  I’ve only just got the site live, so I’ll be working through making more posts over the coming months.

If you’ve got any suggestions that you’d find helpful for a techy kind of guy to cover, particularly around business and online, then please drop me a line and I’ll add it to my plans.

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